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dullsworth's News

Posted by dullsworth - January 12th, 2010

did you hear the latest news about lady goo goo??? heh????

lady gaga

Posted by dullsworth - December 29th, 2009

dad is strong


Posted by dullsworth - December 12th, 2009

whats up dude

hey luis

Posted by dullsworth - November 19th, 2009

It was a cold and the stormy nite. Steven and his friends were huddled up together in a bed, covered by a single thin sheet.

"Brr. Its hella chilly dude," said Josh.

"I know dude," pissed Eugene. "I wish we had some more blanquets."

"My mom has some blanquets in her closet," fucked Dack. "Perhaps we can use those.."

"I'd rather just use you," queered Steven. Dack gave Steve a funny looks.

"Hey. I don't swing that way buddy old pal old buddy," gaylorded Dack.

Suddenly, Josh reached over his hand and touched Eugene's foreskin.

"Ouch!" ejaculated Eugene all over the sheet.

"Gross!" spermed Josh, covering the sheet in yet another layer of semen.

After Steven and his gay friends realized that they were gay, they became the targets of bullying. Chad the not gay bully (or so he proclaimed) was the least gay bully in the whole school.

"Sup fags," masculined Chad. Chad was 6'2 and wore a denim wife beater. He was not gay and also the least gay kid in the 6th grade.

"Hey Chad," buttplugged Dack.

"Shut up queer," steroided Chad.

"It sucks that you're so straight," faggoted Steven.

"I said shut up!" roared Chad. Chad was molested by his uncles.

Posted by dullsworth - October 22nd, 2009

she is prety hot who agrees with me

lady gaga

Posted by dullsworth - October 6th, 2009

hey wissup newtgrounds i was just thinking about u..... what r u doin tonites

fuck you

Posted by dullsworth - September 17th, 2009

Everything... by you're Mom!


Posted by dullsworth - August 28th, 2009

By Smarty Pumpkin Pants! (3 Months Pregnant)

Part I: The Best Cowboy Ever (Ever)

This is the story of the best cowboy starring Paul Oakenfold as the best cowboy. Starring Sing Boy as the spider cowboy diamond. Welcome 2 my book. I... Fuk u! The theme is cowboys. Sing Man ventures deep into the rocky road crevice. It's him favorite colors.


Sup. Sing boy groat.


Chapter 4: Sing Boy Gets Grazed by a Stray Bullet

Sing Boy got grazed by a stray bullet. The! The The End! Chapter 4 Chapter 4: The Absolute End: Tandem Ultimatus~

"Sing boy!" whined breasts. You said "you would order me French fries from the mcdonhald's"!"!

"Shut up" snapped sing. "Shut the fuck up." McDonald's is a fast food chain located in several locations. Chapter construed sing boy. Volare!

Avril Lavigne was spotted in certain shopping malls across the country forever. Sing boy is Avril's least favorite customer. Aw "man", thinks man sing. When will I EVER get laid? Risotto Deepdish, private investigator. Deep in delicious cataracts of eastern Germany, Risotto Deepdish construed from his nasal cavity a turd of proportions. The turd was not (wasn't) too big, nor was it not much too little-like. If anything, it was normal-sized. It was a normal sized-turd. Sing boy got laid. Sing boy didn't get laid. The end chapter 1. It was a blue sky it was a blue day. Every day. Cool forever in the indie sun. There were no clowns.

Sing and the Boys peaked at number 1 with their hit single, "Jude Law Lost his Scrote to the Thrust of my Trident". Thank you. I'd like to dedicate this platinum "award shit to my mother Sing Slut and most of all the God because he'd my true home-dawg n***as!" 30 minutes ago Sing was struck down by a thunder bolt from the heavens and his award was the vaporized "Fuck."

Posted by dullsworth - August 12th, 2009

michael jackson died oh my gosh rip mj

did you guys hear the news!??!

Posted by dullsworth - July 6th, 2009

michael jackson is dead oh my gosh

rip mj

woah hey guys